The Paperbacks.
An Episode of Sparrows.
It is truly an honor to introduce to you the premier full-length album from Winnipeg's The Paperbacks. Fronted by heartfelt lyricist Doug McLean whose earlier work with The Bonaduces and Painted Thin garnered strong regional and international support, An Episode of Sparrows is an offering sure to convince fans of Indie Rock, Power Pop and whatever you call it. Touching, thought provoking, romantic and tragic songs provide a sound that is uniquely The Paperbacks, ranging from dark and fragile to bright and blistering. A rare treat of a release that fails to grow stale with repeat listens.

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  1. I Suffer This Like A Dream
  2. Who Will Run The Starfish Hospital?
  3. If I Make It Through This Winter
  4. Local Celebrities
  5. Plans In Advance (mp3)
  6. Bridge (mp3)
  7. An Episode Of Sparrows
  8. Perpetrators of Art
  9. My Landscape Is Not Land
  10. Books as Furniture
  11. Raise a Styrofoam Cup
  12. Letters Vs. Numbers
  13. Clifton Square


CD: $10 North America, $11 World (postage paid)
(Cash, Check, Money Order, etc.)

PO Box 2246
Minneapolis, MN

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